My friend Chrissy, much like my friend Alex, is quite the foodie and always picks out fantastic restaurants. Last night, after a client meeting in Manhattan I stuck around (treated myself to a mani/pedi) and met Chrissy for dinner at Charlie Bird on King Street. 

We both desperately needed cocktails. Chrissy went for the Two by Two (tequila, aperol, grapefruit) and I had the Last Word (gin, lime, maraschino, chartreuse).

I was pretty delighted when the Last Word was presented in a coupe glass (I’m not fancy, I had to google to find out the name). I’m listening to The Other Typist on Audible which takes place in the 20s and whenever I’m reading a Jazz Age book I get really obsessed with that time period and want to be a flapper.

Most of the menu is meant to share so we started with the Grilled Ramp Toast and the Caramelized Cauliflower. That was after the most amazing piece of focaccia I’ve ever had. For entrees we had the Rigatoni with Veal Ragu and Farro Salad. And fries to share because duh.

Because we hadn’t had enough already we ordered Warm Chocolate Budino with Olive Oil Gelato and Caramelized Rice Krispies. I wasn’t a huge fan of the gelato but the rice krispies were divine.