So, what’s next?

Now that I’m nearly one month into unemployment, I should probably have an idea of what’s next. Right? 

Not so.

Obviously, I’m applying for jobs. Mostly marketing/project management gigs, more of the same. Some days I feel like this is the absolute best thing to do it. It’s where I have experience and I can hopefully get back to work quickly. 

Other days, the thought of doing more the same is just too much. On those days, I spend my time looking at other industries, grad schools, certificate programs, etc. But I’ve yet to find something that makes me think “Yes! This is what I am meant to be doing and should money I don’t have to learn how to do!”

And every day, I think about making my little dream of Boxed & Bowed something real. My idea for Boxed & Bowed is more than the Etsy shop. It’s a brick and mortar shop for custom gift baskets (and boxes) and gift wrapping services. Some days I think “I can totally do this!” and spend the day working on a business plan, building a website, researching, etc. But then the next day I think “Yeah, right! This could never happen.”

Since this is my third time being unemployed and the first time I’m not living in Manhattan or planning a wedding and seriously freaking out about how to pay my bills*, I want to take the time to figure it all out. But it’s all very overwhelming. 

So, that’s where I’m at. Flip flopping every day about what to do with myself. 

*Obviously, paying bills and rent are stressing me out this time around but it’s a little less stressful to not be living in an insanely expensive city or paying for a wedding. It also helps to be on Ben’s insurance and not paying for Cobra.