The New House.

It’s been a little over three weeks since we officially moved from Stamford to Fairfield and while we’re still renting we’re planning on putting some work into this place to really make it ours. 

The owner purchased the house with the intention of moving in so floors were cleaned up well, bathroom was re-done, and brand-new appliances were brought it. We were really lucky to find a home in the town we wanted and at a price that worked well for us. 

A la Young House Love, I’m planning on posting a list of all of the (rental friendly) projects we’ll be doing. A way to keep me us accountable. In the two previous homes Ben and I have had together, we tend to start several projects and then give up before things are complete. 

The above photos are from the rental listing and it currently looks pretty much the same, just with our furniture. So, consider this the before.

(Not pictured: the other side of the living room, which has windows on every wall making it very difficult to layout with the giant TV we received as a wedding gift. Help?)

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